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¬†A day out in Mouley Idris with a donkey ride to Volubis….to be cont….

It was an early morning taxi ride away from our temporary home in Sefrou. The highways well signposted and surfaced. We headed towards Fez and then moved southwest …rolling country, the edges of the highways dotted with small flocks of sheep and goats always with a goatherd and a dog. A few hours saw us into slighly steeper more rugged country with Mouley Idris kind of like a gate way down onto a large plain.

Our wonderful guide…..who walked us up and down through this beautiful town pointing out places of interest and historical significance.

We arrive at where we will clamber aboard our donkeys to be lead down to Volubis…..unbeknownst to us, it was going to be a long and strenuous ride!

Ready to go…..

Daytripping in japan

It seems like yesterday and indeed it was less than a week ago that  i was driving along the western edge of Hokkaido to Cape Kamui…. 

Elegant bridges…

Spectacularly long tunnels…

Protected fishing boat harbour

A lone gull…

Cape Kamui spinning out to sea…..

sunset close to Cape Kamui….

And an especially beautiful onsen ….(hot tub) to finish off….right on the beach.An incredible day!

And just to top it off a flower i fell in love with  ….

I have a hunch this might be a relative of the carnation….maybe. They were often to be seen. 

A long journey….to Hokkaido¬†

My nephew was getting married in Hokkaido Japan and I’d been invited. I thought …an opportunity to visit a country i had yet to experience, to spend some time with family, to see some new landscapes, hear another language, eat some different food. Yes lets do it!!

I left my house early in the morning (4am to be precise)….the airport was humming as i boarded my plane at 6:00am and headed from adelaide sa to brisbane queensland.There was a bit of a wait but luggage had been checked through, so a brief wander before again boarding this time to Tokyo….longhaul 9 hours ….movies, food, and journeys up and down the aisles to ease stiff muscles. 

Arriving at Narita airport was a welcome relief….we trooped up the ramp and began the long walk towards the exit, hoping i was going to be able to find my hotel room quickly and easily.mmm

It wasn’t  so easy in this alien landscape, though i did successfully reach my hotel room …promptly falling into a deep sleep, hoping i would hear my phone alarm to wake me again at 4am to make my way to Terminal 3 for the next leg of the journey.The plane was leaving at 6am.

A steep escalator carries me down

Narita airport Tokyo….my plane waiting to carry me further north than i had ever been.

In the air…a lone building sighted through the clouds.

The south coast of Hokkaido from the air. 

A sucessful landing  and more hours of waiting before catching a bus which would take me to my final destination.

On the bus….

Final destination Harafu and this is Mt Youtei.

An early morning view 

Ryoshi onsen  way up on the mountain …hot mineral spa…super relaxing . Definitely a unique experience. 

The odd insect …

And fantastic food!

Back to school….

Its always a bit of a shock to be back in school and this is a school i have been visiting and spending time at for some years. This time i have noticed a number of innovations and a few new garden sculptures.

An attractive handwashing basin set into the edge of the garden.

A colourful and useful waste disposal system.

Ganesh, a well respected hindu god has found a niche in one of the garden beds.

And on the wall a colourful reminder of how to be in the world.Translated its something like….smile, acknowledge others, be respectful, patient and kind.