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landscape -weekly photo challenge

Some of my favourite landscapes ….
Jun 21 2014_0428

Heading into the mountains one icy cold morning …south island NZ.


The lake at Glenorchy South Island  NZ


Looking south along the coast in the Catlins NZ


Looking north across Lake Te anau NZ


Slowly making our way up the river to Camp Leakey Kalimantan Indonesia.



South coast south oz looking south west…    Just a few of my favourite landscapes

: )) Trees


High up in the southern alps of nz

Heading up the valley…. on the left the Forbes range.

Jun 21 2014_0457
Jun 21 2014_0428Jun 21 2014_0432

The Rees valley winds back into the distance. What is really amazing is how the shape of the landscape changes the further into the valley you go. We visited this valley twice once on an overcast afternoon and then again the next day which happened to be bright blue skies…..

Jun 21 2014_0467


Jun 21 2014_0472 
Jun 21 2014_0474



Jun 22 2014_0399

This is as far as we got in our not for wheel drive rent a car…..bitterly cold, incredibly still … the bush was amazing.