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Retreat Musings…

There is something blessed about taking time out to meditate,to explore my inner world and it’s connections with outer reality. The silence is deep, the group feeling is warm and welcoming and our teachers mindful of  the insights, joys and sorrows that may come up.

Time passes… noticing happens…


Sitting in the  generous shade gazing outwards….


Multi coloured parrots cruise the grass looking for tidbits…


Rocks stand steady…lichens soak up the sun’s rays as they spread across the surface of the rocks.


Galahs roosting in the tops of the eucalypts


The bell keeps us anchored to time passing…


Looking deeply….


Contemplating the universe…the clouds, the rocks, the curves, life and death

Each day the sun rose…

In gratitude to those with me on retreat

Abundant thanks to Anna Markey and Jason Siff teachers of Recollective Awareness Meditation

Surf fest ephemeral scupture trail and sundry other bits

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to photograph these beautiful pieces of ephemeral art sculpture dotted along the coastal walkway not far from where I live on the south coast of oz…..


A home by the sea  created by chris murphy…….


Gastro skeletal created by greg hatcher……


Mystic spiral created by Megan O’hara…..


Hung out to dry created by stuart macmillan….


Steam punked puffer fish created by benjamin Young….


Posts wrapped in seagrass balls created by martin corbin and cindy southczabania

End of year Reflections

I want to express my thanks and appreciations to all those who have followed, liked  and commented on my blogging efforts this year. It has been an amazing learning experience for me….an ongoing one I might add. I have learnt so much about life in other places, people’s   incredible capacity to be creative beings and the myriad of ways that this can be expressed.

I feel like I know a few of you a little bit through your photos and writings. I have been blown away by people’s talents, creativity, empathy and generosity both in the sharing of knowledge and the sharing of their personal experience and passions.


In the bigger picture it fills me with optimism for our future when I explore other’s blogs, read freshly pressed and appreciate the incredible images that grace my screen on a regular basis from all over the planet… thank you  again and I look forward to the coming new year with anticipation and joy


Yours in gratitude ….Trees


Winter landscapes

Winter in south oz is charecterized by glorious sunny days with cloudscapes to fantasize about and temperatures that require beanies, gloves fingerless and scarves…these will be interspersed with grey, rainy and windy days…days better off spent inside by the fire reading a good book.


Taken through my front window latish on a cold and rainful day……


Taken on a bike ride not far from my house …a great egret taking off. Oh for a better lens ! It was  somewhat shy of my attempts to photograph….