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The trip from h*** – lombok to Padangbai Bali

Really looking at these photos you would never guess what was going to happen after we left gili trawangan…..


It can take quite a long time to get to lombok whether you fly or go by boat.  Plan for it to take most of  a day. Then if it takes less its a bonus :)) The slow ferry  from padangbai to lembar is usually the longest and  maybe even the safest and definately the cheapest !?  On a calm day its a beautiful trip, slow and leisurely. 

Time wise and cost wise the fast boat and the plane can work out about the same depending on where you come from…..

I think going by plane  will now become  my preferred option.

My  hairraising and fearful journey back from Lombok to Padangbai  this trip has convinced me that I will never go on the fast boat again!

I have a little pendant with Kwanyin on it. Well, I clutched her in my sweaty saltsprayed palm and gazed out through the plastic window at a small cloud to the north of the boat  and contemplated what might happen, was there an escape route, where were the life jackets , would i have time to put one on? Was there anything in my life that I hadn’t done! What about my family?
OMG, in indonesian ‘ Sayang’. ….The swell was huge, the troughs were deep, we were bobbing up and down like a cork….and then the engine stopped…wallowing, people vomiting grimfaced, the workers on the boat sporting tight worried looks on their faces. Sick bags were handed out ….one of the workers armed with a screw driiver disappearing back to the motors. Coming back wet and worried looking .. all this time the driver peering out through the saltsprayed windows working hard at keeping us afloat. This happened twice!

Mmmmmm finally after nearly 2 hours we got into the lea of Bali. Here it was rough but it seemed like nothing and we were nearly at Padangbai…..

I was very glad to walk off that boat onto the jetty at Padangai.


And never again!