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The souk in Rissani

Rissani is located on the edge of the Sahara close to the border with Algeria. Once a thriving centre during the 14th to 18th centuries, it is now quiet and somewhat smaller in size. There were many treasures to be found….. a local guide took us through the following area …..The door into the souk was said to be hundreds of years old
25 Mar 2017_3250

Im unclear what kinds of wood were used in the building of these places. There are no trees growing in the vicinity.

25 Mar 2017_3248

The roof of this building was incredibly high and after centuries still solid as.

25 Mar 2017_3267


25 Mar 2017_3269

25 Mar 2017_3266

25 Mar 2017_3257

With our guide we wandered through the labyrinth of dim walkways passing by many doors all unique and different.

25 Mar 2017_3251

Once a water fountain.

25 Mar 2017_3255

25 Mar 2017_3253

25 Mar 2017_3256


25 Mar 2017_3258


25 Mar 2017_3259


25 Mar 2017_3261

25 Mar 2017_3264

25 Mar 2017_3265

25 Mar 2017_3268



The weekend in Singaraja Bali

Sunday is the weekend in Indonesia for most people…a day to sleep in, catch up with family, go on a picnic, clean up the house and maybe visit friends…..and sometimes catch up with work or school chores….Today we went sightseeing.

The beachfront at Lovina Bali….

My friends heading out to sea possibly to play. 🙂

Going fishing….

Ive got better things to do….we ate a delicious meal of barbecued fish at this restaurant by the sea.

Then home for a well deserved rest. 

A late walk in the afternoon with the kids

This sawah (rice paddy) will be harvested tomorrow.

This farmer will harvest it!

And finally a very pretty balinese cow (in indonesian sapi) 

A very full fun  day !!

A stroll through downtown Singaraja


In the heat of the day I decided to go for a wander in downtown Singaraja… I had in mind that I might buy yet another sarong or kebaya…. the range was inspiring. The ones above have yet to sewn ….so colourful and the ones that were made up only went up to xl and that didnt quite close down the front : (( Never mind ienjoyed employing my still to be fluent indonesian and had a few laughs.


A stall with nothing but offerings…..


Haa the sarongs …so many patterns, qualities…..I couldn’t decide…..


My absolute favouritest fruit in the universe. I so love a good papaya with ‘ lemon ‘ of course!


And just a bit further a long a stall full of eggs fresh from the chooks I guess….


Bananas anyone deliciously sweet and nothing like those at home mmmm !


A seller with panache….


A gorgeously embroidered kabaya…..


Thwre were a whole row these small stalls. They are selling mens rings. The rings are either silver or gold ornate or not and they come with a choice of many coloured polished precious stones which can be fitted into the ring. It seemed a very popular pastime.

A most amazing week in Ubud

Ubud……a feast for the senses, so much to see , to hear, to smell, to taste……to think about, contemplate , appreciate, marvel at…..

Over the last few months Pura Gunung Lebah has been the centre of much activity….celebrations and blessings (Built in the 8th century it is at the confluence of two rivers in the heart of Ubud)


A creative way of dealing with trash…..


Wherever you look there is beauty..


Roses for a goddess…


Ducks – bebek are a common sight amongst the the rice padi around Ubud…


Some small treasures…above and below….



Funky architecture somebody’s creations above and below…..



Heliconias a colourful and gracious sight along a walkway….


Lush vegetation and if you look carefully an interesting portrait….


A bit of colour…..


Hibiscus di mana mana ( are everywhere) Enjoy