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Life on the streets of Varanasi….

Heading towards Assi Ghat ….

All kinds of transport in use…

Cows are everywhere along with their poos….being present is definitely an advantage…

They seem to love being in the centre of everything!!

Books stacked high….

A mural tucked away in one of the side streets….

Out the front of one of the many temples buckets of curd(I think) being distributed free….

Shrines abound …these two tucked under the spreading shade of a neem tree seem fairly popular.

To be cont…


Once a week I head up to the farm to hang out with my two year old granddaughter. We walk, laugh, eat and amuse ourselves. Feeding the cows is one of our pleasures. Here are a few of ┬áthe cows we feed….

31 Mar 2016_2795_edited-1

Moooo …..

31 Mar 2016_2799_edited-1


21 Apr 2016_2824_edited-1

having a wee rest….

21 Apr 2016_2826_edited-1

cute aren’t I?