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Life in lockdown…south oz

Well who would have thought earlier this year that more than half of Australia would be in lockdown again trying to keep ahead of the delta variant with not enough of us vaccinated.

Still… life for me has not been so problematic… I have a roof over my head, enough to eat, my cat to keep me company, friends to zoom or txt…my garden to keep me busy and keep me connected.. for all of which I am deeply grateful

I’m allowed to exercise so yesterday I hopped on my bike and headed to the beach..latish afternoon cold but not raining..it is this morning steadily 🤗

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Surf fest ephemeral scupture trail and sundry other bits

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to photograph these beautiful pieces of ephemeral art sculpture dotted along the coastal walkway not far from where I live on the south coast of oz…..


A home by the sea  created by chris murphy…….


Gastro skeletal created by greg hatcher……


Mystic spiral created by Megan O’hara…..


Hung out to dry created by stuart macmillan….


Steam punked puffer fish created by benjamin Young….


Posts wrapped in seagrass balls created by martin corbin and cindy southczabania