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Last days in Bali….

Late afternoons are always a good time for a walk along the beach pathway at sanur…. though anytime can be interesting.

The month of August is known as the windy month and huge kites that sing (not often in tune) fly high in the sky.

Getting organised….

I always wonder what might be behind these doors.

Gunung Agung in the distance 

Some clouds brewing on the horizon.

A rough hewn doorway…

The indonesian flag spread in the wind. 

A fabulous fan….

And to finish with a beautiful orchid spray. My heart is full 😊

Hari Merdekaan dan Hari Bulan Pernama (Independence day and full moon)

A very special convergence….celebrating independence under the full moon.A holiday after the flag ceremony and a special ceremony for some in Bali.

This temple is tucked away deep in a valley high in the mountains surrounded by forest….

Underneath the umbrella of an old and wise tree

We walked around the side ofthe mountain from the temple along a steep narrow track.

The views were spectacular, the smells of the surrounding forest rich and fresh.

Back at the temple the ceremony continues…

Thank you to Pak Agus and his extended family for making me feel so welcome…

The weekend in Singaraja Bali

Sunday is the weekend in Indonesia for most people…a day to sleep in, catch up with family, go on a picnic, clean up the house and maybe visit friends…..and sometimes catch up with work or school chores….Today we went sightseeing.

The beachfront at Lovina Bali….

My friends heading out to sea possibly to play. 🙂

Going fishing….

Ive got better things to do….we ate a delicious meal of barbecued fish at this restaurant by the sea.

Then home for a well deserved rest. 

A late walk in the afternoon with the kids

This sawah (rice paddy) will be harvested tomorrow.

This farmer will harvest it!

And finally a very pretty balinese cow (in indonesian sapi) 

A very full fun  day !!