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The souk in Rissani

Rissani is located on the edge of the Sahara close to the border with Algeria. Once a thriving centre during the 14th to 18th centuries, it is now quiet and somewhat smaller in size. There were many treasures to be found….. a local guide took us through the following area …..The door into the souk was said to be hundreds of years old
25 Mar 2017_3250

Im unclear what kinds of wood were used in the building of these places. There are no trees growing in the vicinity.

25 Mar 2017_3248

The roof of this building was incredibly high and after centuries still solid as.

25 Mar 2017_3267


25 Mar 2017_3269

25 Mar 2017_3266

25 Mar 2017_3257

With our guide we wandered through the labyrinth of dim walkways passing by many doors all unique and different.

25 Mar 2017_3251

Once a water fountain.

25 Mar 2017_3255

25 Mar 2017_3253

25 Mar 2017_3256


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25 Mar 2017_3259


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Retreat Musings…

There is something blessed about taking time out to meditate,to explore my inner world and it’s connections with outer reality. The silence is deep, the group feeling is warm and welcoming and our teachers mindful of  the insights, joys and sorrows that may come up.

Time passes… noticing happens…


Sitting in the  generous shade gazing outwards….


Multi coloured parrots cruise the grass looking for tidbits…


Rocks stand steady…lichens soak up the sun’s rays as they spread across the surface of the rocks.


Galahs roosting in the tops of the eucalypts


The bell keeps us anchored to time passing…


Looking deeply….


Contemplating the universe…the clouds, the rocks, the curves, life and death

Each day the sun rose…

In gratitude to those with me on retreat

Abundant thanks to Anna Markey and Jason Siff teachers of Recollective Awareness Meditation