Hawaiian culture and celebrations alive and dynamic…

I was privileged to see and be part of Hawaii’s state celebration of Kamehameha’s life and the unification of the islands.

This took place in Hawi.

Part of the celebrations was Hula Ki’i a type of hula with Ki’i hawaiian puppets. This was a collaboration between two halaus (a group of Hawaiian hula dancers) one coming from the island of Kauai and a local big island group. One of the elders (kumu) of the Kauai halau was my friend Mauli Cook. Some highlights from a great day watching talented performers….

A hike down into the caldera at Volcano National Park

Early morning, blue skies, gentle breeze, fresh smells as the forest of ohios awakes…bird song bouncing through the tree tops. We’re prepared …chocolate, water and walking stick. The trail is damp from overnight rain, rocky and in some places steep. The colors are luminescent, shiny bright….

Mauna kea glimpsed through the forest canopy.