Bali treats….

I’m visiting Bali for a few weeks…

So much beauty everywhere…even amongst the chaos and noise tranquil places can be found and eyes can feast…

A frangipani flower caught up in a large leaf….

A spike of exquisite purple flowers twined on a tree…

A door to tantalize ….. beyond…

A never ending Bali sunset….

3 thoughts on “Bali treats….”

  1. So enjoyed a ramble through your Bali and Lombok posts Therese. It took me back to a time when I was researching woven cloth and I landed up in Ubud – a treasured time with woman weaving Ikat on backstrap looms. A beautiful harmonious place.

  2. I wonder how Bali is like today. It’s been almost four years since I went there the last time and I heard that in recent years there has been so many things going on — and not all of them are good.

    1. Well that’s true ….change is always happening and yet for me there are still places and friends that keep me coming back.. i have to say that i think the balance has tipped into the negative in places…it effects people’s psyche…

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