Last days in Bali….

Late afternoons are always a good time for a walk along the beach pathway at sanur…. though anytime can be interesting.

The month of August is known as the windy month and huge kites that sing (not often in tune) fly high in the sky.

Getting organised….

I always wonder what might be behind these doors.

Gunung Agung in the distance 

Some clouds brewing on the horizon.

A rough hewn doorway…

The indonesian flag spread in the wind. 

A fabulous fan….

And to finish with a beautiful orchid spray. My heart is full 😊

3 thoughts on “Last days in Bali….”

  1. Absolutely beautiful photos- so evocative. My family had a fan palm exactly like that growing in our garden in Darwin. We called it a travellers palm. Very unusual trunk with young’uns growing up from below!!

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