Retreat Musings

A few weekends ago i went on a meditation retreat ….it was in silence apart from the sounds of nature…weather, birds, bees and other creatures….the odd sound of a car in the distance… and further away human habitation.

Our meditation hall…

19 Mar 2016_2781_edited-1

Despite the new roof  an old building…peaceful and tranquil…where we sat.

19 Mar 2016_2780_edited-1

Our surrounding views… a rocky hill on the horizon…gazing into the southern sky clouds to muse on.

19 Mar 2016_2772_edited-1

a  magnificent old hoop pine spotted on the dirt road in.
19 Mar 2016_2777_edited-1

a row of hay bales  above a crumbling stone wall….

19 Mar 2016_2773_edited-1

lichens clustered on stone….an abstract painting in progress over millenia…

19 Mar 2016_2775_edited-1

another rocky hill horizon…a sculpted eucalypt deceased.

19 Mar 2016_2774_edited-1

a glorious old eucalypt stretched high….

19 Mar 2016_2771_edited-2

a glimpse into its interior….

A wonderful weekend and opportunity to explore my mind’s interior and all its layers.

Thank you Anna Markey

7 thoughts on “Retreat Musings”

    1. Thanks : ) and if you expand it a bit the trunk is truly amazing ……I have quite a few pics of this tree that I have taken over the years I’ve been doing retreats there .

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