Morning walk on the beach

A crisp sunny morning walk with friends …


a smorgasboard of seaweeds and kelp
and other fascinating sea offerings ……


A hermit crab venturing out of its shell


A soft pale pink sponge



A glistening red shell the size of my little finger nail with an occupant!


Skeletal remains ….think its a skate


A perfect feather carefully draped atop

A glorious autumn morning’s walk which we finished off with a swim in the ocean…. Happiness is a beach!

8 thoughts on “Morning walk on the beach”

    1. Apparently we do have hermit crabs here in sa according to australian museum tho your question reminded me that I had just assumed it was a hermit crab because it was living in a shell mmmm : ))

  1. Ah… sea offerings indeed! It just reminded me how much I like picking sea shells by the sea shore. 🙂

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