Yuyuan Gardens shanghai

Early one morning we headed on foot across town to check out Yuyuan Gardens and Bazaar…it was built during the Ming Dynasty in the 1500’s and suffered some damage during the Opium wars in 1842 and later during French reprisals over their disputed concessions.

These gardens are reputed to be a fine example of Ming Dynasty garden design.

We had some difficulty locating it, though eventually we did. Here is some of what we saw….

On our walk to the gardens.. early morning quiet streets.

Inside the gardens…..

14 Oct 2015_2172

it was already filling up with people …a multitude of tour groups all armed with earphones and the guides with microphones. This was the main lake  area where people could have their photos taken or then again most seemed to make do with selfies!

14 Oct 2015_2175_edited-1

14 Oct 2015_2177

After fortifying ourselves with a starbuck’s coffee….i know even here!

We headed off into the temple complex and gardens.

Dragons feature prominently and line the walls of this temple complex.


14 Oct 2015_2210

14 Oct 2015_2198

On the rooftops there were numerous small sculptures depicted warriors and battles fought.