Tiger leaping gorge cont…

06 Oct 2015_1957

We were halfway… having sucessfully negotiated the 28 Bends. We had heard so much about them and were somewhat relieved when we had reached the top without having totally exhausted ourselves. We were feeling very happy!!

Having reached this guesthouse  we were right in the heart of the gorge and the  views of the mountains across the river were mesmerizing…..


07 Oct 2015_1912

A welcoming symbol found on the outside of many of the houses .

07 Oct 2015_1897

bunches of chillies and maize drying….

07 Oct 2015_1887

heading west….

07 Oct 2015_1914

wild flowers ..intense colours……


08 Oct 2015_1848

The Yangtze river far off and deep down…..

08 Oct 2015_1845

A steep side valley  stretching up into the clouds…..

08 Oct 2015_1858

This bridge was at Bendiwan Village and spanned a huge gorge and side river which swept down  into the Yangtze river……awesome!


06 Oct 2015_1960looking out towards the end of the gorge…..

An amazing walk….so glad i did it!!

5 thoughts on “Tiger leaping gorge cont…”

  1. Could you, time allowing, just stay for a couple of nights at that place, explore locally and gawk more?! That would appeal to me!

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