A journey upa hill

On the other side of Lake Phewa on the top of  a hill stands the Peace Pagoda…..it glints in the sun and many make the journey to see this monument to peace.There are two ways to get there …you can go by road or can cross the lake by boat and climb 800 meters worth of stairs, that is vertical, not sure of the actual distance walked! And then of course you have to descend in ordsr to go back across the lake in the boat that is waiting for you. For those that are young  or old and spry its about an hour up and the same back… : ))


Getting ready….. we  organised our boat, put on our mandatory life jackets at the boat terminal


We sat and contemplated the lake while we were kindly rowed across


Climbing slowly and steadily


Not halfway yet


Halfway and having a well deserved rest washed down with cold water…..phew! 


Getting there…..


And a view from the top!!

Definitely worth doing and for me quite a challenge! My walking poles got a work out a d I was very glad I had them. : ))

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