Onwards to Pokhara

Pokhara is a 6 hour bus ride or a halfhour plane flight west of kathmandu. Its definitely tropical and is still in monsoon mode… After kathmandu it is peaceful, unpolluted and quiet. It is situated on the edge of the 2nd biggest lake in nepal – lake phewa. And is bounded to the north by the Himalaya mountains – the Annapurna massif, dhalgheri, machapuchure. When the clouds clear it is spectacular…..


The journey over… from the plane


Our plane @ pokhara airport


Lake phewa towards evening…


There is now a path along the edge of the lake…..


My friendly koala Myrtle watching the sunset


Early morning  lake phewa


Some very healthy looking okra growing in someones front yard


If you look hard you can see the mountains against the sky


Next door to where we are staying…..stay tuned :))

5 thoughts on “Onwards to Pokhara”

  1. Awwww Myrtle! So cute. Hey it looks a bit flash now, a paved path by the lake??! Looks like my Yorkes trip will be as soon after the Oct school holidays as I can swing it, so most likely the last two weeks of October. I’m gonna camp at Casuarina the whole time. Will keep you posted. Loving your shots and I’m glad you are getting some mountain glimpses at least. Lots of love, B xx

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