Early morning on Batu Karu

Yesterday morning early I went for a walk up into the Batu Karu forest. It had rained the evening before and everything smelled fresh image

and intense…. the sky a clear blue.


I walked past an early morning grocery delivery….


a couple of cows safely ensconced in a glade of banana and chocolate trees.


Another cow enjoying an early morning snack…
Just passed here on the track some dogs began to bark at me…being somewhat nervous of wild dogs I began to call out hoping someone would come to my rescue…..An old lady magically appeared through a fence. She came right up to me. ” Mau makan? Mari” (rough translation want to eat?come with me)

Well I did… she gently led me through to her very small and rough hut…offering me a seat on a small stool… the only stool. The dogs stood guard outside while ibu made me a kopi….

Inside we were kept company by chickens and a cat. We talked of family. She offered me nasi….


Eventually I said I needed to go. She gently walked me back out to the path and sent me on my way with a big smile.


one last beautiful glimpse off to the horizon. I walked home with a huge smile in my heart…..Generosity and kindness were alive and well.

2 thoughts on “Early morning on Batu Karu”

  1. That’s the magic of travel right there! Actually the dogs may have been inviting you over for kopi too! x

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