Monkey business at Monkey Forest


A small adventure with my family into the depths of Monkey Forest a centuries old place full of sentient trees, sculptures and a variety of other beings….


Monkeys or monyet in bahasa indonesia are incredibly alert and agile!!


This giant lizard could have been around for millennia gazing down into the steep river ravine.


Perhaps its soulmate…. : )


These are macau monkeys and have populated this area for along time. They are definately tourist savey and one needs to take care!


As the young lad in this picture found out.  A monkey came and tried to grab his water bottle so he gave it to his dad but the monkey still got it!!


Grabbed and then opened and emptied by this very clever monyet….. Fortunately it wasn’t the only water bottle to be had and we all had a good laugh!!
And so ends our brief adventure in Monkey Forest Ubud.

4 thoughts on “Monkey business at Monkey Forest”

    1. I have justt spent the last 10 days with rata n lisa n 3 children 10,7 and 18 months. Them : )) They left last night ….we were based in sanur. A real family holiday! Lovely and now im enjoying a few days up in the mountains batu karu. Setelah itu terus ke ubud untuk 3 malam …pulang hari kamis besok. Daa

      1. A place called the bali mountain retreat centre. Its next door to an eco resort … v quiet, mostly peaceful…. dirt road to get here 330, 000 a night

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