A stroll through downtown Singaraja


In the heat of the day I decided to go for a wander in downtown Singaraja… I had in mind that I might buy yet another sarong or kebaya…. the range was inspiring. The ones above have yet to sewn ….so colourful and the ones that were made up only went up to xl and that didnt quite close down the front : (( Never mind ienjoyed employing my still to be fluent indonesian and had a few laughs.


A stall with nothing but offerings…..


Haa the sarongs …so many patterns, qualities…..I couldn’t decide…..


My absolute favouritest fruit in the universe. I so love a good papaya with ‘ lemon ‘ of course!


And just a bit further a long a stall full of eggs fresh from the chooks I guess….


Bananas anyone deliciously sweet and nothing like those at home mmmm !


A seller with panache….


A gorgeously embroidered kabaya…..


Thwre were a whole row these small stalls. They are selling mens rings. The rings are either silver or gold ornate or not and they come with a choice of many coloured polished precious stones which can be fitted into the ring. It seemed a very popular pastime.

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