Winter at the farm…

It seems that winter is well and truly here…..some more pics from the farm…. it had rained off and on for most of the night. The smell of wet bark and gum leaves and the sound of parrots dashing through the trees and the occasional flash of sunlight were sensory delights…..

14 May 2015_1394

14 May 2015_1401

The marron ponds full of water….

14 May 2015_1405

The cows are waiting …..the tractor is coming….

14 May 2015_1410

14 May 2015_1416

MMMM this is good…….

14 May 2015_1408

Hurry or you will miss out!14 May 2015_1400

Meanwhile Pico is off on a hunt of his own…. a piece of chunky wood for me to throw as often as im  willing!

14 May 2015_1417

What once was…. now falling into disrepair. Sunlight streaming through the trees….


Mannu gazing down serenely surveying his patch.

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