My orchid

A couple of years ago a close friend gave me the gift of an orchid. I do love orchids and have bought a number of them over the years, usually when they are in flower. And usually they never flowered again! No matter what i nourished them with….

This is what my gift orchid looked like last year….it started growing these amazing aerial roots. I loved them

wpid-20131120_131319.jpg The spikey tipped roots pale green on the ends seemed to be exploring the world outside their pot.

20140821_083746_resized A few months ago what i thought was going to be another leaf  started to emerge. It wasn’t long before I realised this wasn’t more leaves this was a flower spike. How excited was I…very.

20140827_124722_resized  Over a period of weeks it continued to grow, stretching up towards the sun.

 20140908_082503-1_resized  About four days ago, there was a quite a warm patch of weather. Suddenly the blooms seemed heavier and somewhat larger. And there towards the end of the spike was the first opened flower…delicate and beautiful.


20140909_133911_resized Over the last couple of days more and more have opened. Each morning I venture out the back  to find more. I did count the buds. There were 46 buds.20140909_133911-1_resized 20140911_075202-1_resized This is the latest image taken early this morning. They are still not all out….. How amazing  is that?