Assorted hidden gems in Ubud

There are many reasons to look for alternative ways to get somewhere….in Ubud its not just about avoiding  the noise and the speed with which some people travel the  crowded main roads. Its because you just never know what you will find down a back lane or a small gang  (as they are known in Indonesia) or an even smaller path that really is only for foot traffic but seem to include the odd motorcycle as well…. it is a wonderland to explore …..and here is some of what I’ve found ovsr the last couple of days…..


This is in the middle of central Ubud….


On the side of a steep flight of stone stairs…


Sparkling in the afternoon sun…..


Along a narrow pathway….


In a back lane….


Along a small gang….


How creative is that!


I love this doorway…  has looked the same,  maybe a little  more weathered each time I have passed it for years…….


And another of the beautiful  tropical forest that continues to survive despite the intrusion of humans into the landscape. 

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