To the market

In the early evening we head off by motorcycle  to the market. It seems that there are  markets everywhere in Singaraja, a bit like supermarkets everywhere at home! You can buy most anything at the market….


Corn, snake beans, spinach…..


Many kinds of fish….


Tomatoes, garlic and chillies….


Flowers for offerings…..


Shallots, ubi (like sweet potato)….






Coconut, snake beans……
Most of the produce is local and fresh. People tend to shop daily sometimes in the morning and in the afternoon.

2 thoughts on “To the market”

  1. oops, I have just discovered this post as I try every tactic to avoid getting ready for school! Disregard my earlier question!! You are one step ahead of me – must be because of where you are and where I am! However, keep taking pasar photos please!!!

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