My orchid

A couple of years ago a close friend gave me the gift of an orchid. I do love orchids and have bought a number of them over the years, usually when they are in flower. And usually they never flowered again! No matter what i nourished them with….

This is what my gift orchid looked like last year….it started growing these amazing aerial roots. I loved them

wpid-20131120_131319.jpg The spikey tipped roots pale green on the ends seemed to be exploring the world outside their pot.

20140821_083746_resized A few months ago what i thought was going to be another leaf  started to emerge. It wasn’t long before I realised this wasn’t more leaves this was a flower spike. How excited was I…very.

20140827_124722_resized  Over a period of weeks it continued to grow, stretching up towards the sun.

 20140908_082503-1_resized  About four days ago, there was a quite a warm patch of weather. Suddenly the blooms seemed heavier and somewhat larger. And there towards the end of the spike was the first opened flower…delicate and beautiful.


20140909_133911_resized Over the last couple of days more and more have opened. Each morning I venture out the back  to find more. I did count the buds. There were 46 buds.20140909_133911-1_resized 20140911_075202-1_resized This is the latest image taken early this morning. They are still not all out….. How amazing  is that?

11 thoughts on “My orchid”

  1. Yay! So glad you got to see the flowers before you went away. I will swing by and check it out for myself. Hope you are having a happy time in Indo xxxxx

    1. I am….on sunday I will go to ubud to meet up with a friend and stockmup on massages and reflexologies…..oh iya eating soaking up the atmosphere apparently there is a big ceremony on at the temple while im there.
      It would be great if you did swing by I gather it is hot…those new babies out the front might like a drink : ))) xxx

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