On the road to the mountains

We had a window of opportunity to see and explore the mountains of southern new zealand. We headed south  and west from Dunedin. Snow topped mountains if you look real close,  otherwise landscapes that are deeply green with the odd tussock thrown in , oh yes and some cows, sheep and braided rivers.






Its intensely cold …..7ºcelsius daytime temperature brrrrrr!!



The hillsides are morraines  and covered in  red tussock grass.

To be continued….: ))

2 thoughts on “On the road to the mountains”

  1. and so greeen! Not much warmer here luv. Winter has arrived with a vengeance. Got your lovely postcard too. Hope its as sunny as that when you get there! Love to you and your siblings x

    1. And it was glorious weather if a trifle cold brrrr! Now back in dunedin the place of drizzle and cloud. The south island is incredibly beautiiful. Look forward to sharing my photos

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