Another country, another view

Down towards the antartic near the bottom of the south island is a small valley tucked away on the edge of Dunedin harbour. My brother’s house is perched on a steep hillside


Just down the hill from the house is a railway track running through the valley…. not too many trains,  tho in the dark of night they rumble along with huge long loads of containers carrying them off to who knows where.


The roads up into the valley are steep and narrow….. the houses picturesque,  the vegetation lush, luxuriant and mostly green.





The views of the harbour in  constant flux…..



All in all a very fine day for a brisk walk …….with lots of gazing out into the harbour  mostly to catch one’s breath!!!

6 thoughts on “Another country, another view”

      1. It is freezing cold here today too. Seems as though the temperature is dropping as the day passes. I am sure it was warmer at 7am than it was at 11am!! Is the fire going?

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