Yaccas and other bush treasures

I live across the road from a beautiful patch of scrub. It was a warm cloudless late afternoon, a shiver of a seabreeze….Its constantly evolving and changing.

I love yaccas for their symmetry and starkness, their sharp colour ….


These honey scented eucalypt blossoms  caught my eye…


A clear vista rolling over a limestone outcrop…


More yaccas…their lines fascinate….



A piece of old tin mouldering away….

Yaccas and more yaccas



Im still making friends with my camera …..(a ricoh gr for those that might be interested)  its a challenging learning curve for me and heaps of fun!

4 thoughts on “Yaccas and other bush treasures”

  1. What an interesting world you live in TS! Is a yacca the same as what we call a yucca? With huge white flowers in the center of a spiky bush a few weeks of the year??

    1. No different plant….their leaves aren’t fleshy at all, and when they flower there are thousands of little starshaped flowers all the way up the flower stem in the middle. Its quite prehistoric. They say

  2. Awww Yaccas, they just never get dull do they? Lovely photos as usual. Im back from my adventure. Lets catch up soon so I can tell you a few yarns! Love from Barbary xx

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