Flores labuhanbajo dan pulau Rinca circa 2003

This post got inspired by a fellow bloggers’ trip to Flores this year and looking at the photos I  thought wow I remember this place….beautiful. They asked whether it had changed and id probably say not much…….maybe busier sedikit (a little bit in bahasa indonesia) And so dug out some photos.I was pleased that I was able to lay my hands on them after 10 years..hurray for cds!


View from the hills behind Labuhanbajo Flores



The harbour at labuhanbajo


Pulau Rinca national park entrance…..


Komodo near the jetty to greet us. It has a name on its back. I wonder if its still there?


On our walk…..kering sekali our guide said it hadnt rained for 5 years! This komdo was huge and quite intimidating . Both our guides had big sticks to fend them off…. luckily no need!


A kerbau or water buffalo nestled in the muddy cool water. I remember it being pretty hot.


Near where we stayed at Labuhanbajo… ssoooo beautiful and peaceful …..salam hangat!

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