Fire Regeneration

Some months ago not far from where I live, there was a bushfire that went through  a large conservation park called Cox’s Scrub. Its now six months since the fire. A friend and I took a leisurely stroll along one of the trails  and this is a taste of what we saw.


Everlasting daisies…..


Isopogons regenerating


New  elegant grasses dancing  in the breeze


? with 5 petals


Tufted lobelia


Slender boronia


Flowers blooming………………native primrose


Yaccas flowering ….


A clump of yaccas  growing back together : )

For many plants fire is essential for their continued survival. Some plants only grow after a fire.  
For sure there is so much to see besides blackened stumps…..


3 thoughts on “Fire Regeneration”

  1. Lovely photos Trees! The Lobelia apparently is famous for appearing after fires; The blue with five petals one is the Finger or Hand-flower (Cheiranthera alternifolia); the abundant yellow one is Golden Pennant (Glischrocaryon behrii); the big tall Trigger plant with the pink four petals is the Grass trigger plant (Stylidium armeria); the grass could be Austrostipa exilis but frankly I need a Botanist, and that little brown idea! xxx

  2. .. I posted on your blog but Ive just thought that you may be able to forward this to someone like Denzel Murfett or someother informed person to get the other plants ID’d x

    Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 22:11:28 +0000 To:

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