Kopi manis..Pangkalan bun kalimantan cont


During our very long day at the beach we discovered how the locals made their very delicious coffee. We were privileged to be invited into ibu’s house and were able to watch the whole process. Bu Arfa and Cathy chatting on the floor of the kitchen while the kopi was being roasted a short distance away. Im getting ahead of myself…..here are the key ingredients..


Coffee beans, cinammon sticks, ginger
Kacang kopi     , kayu manis,          jahe

And  rice uncooked


All these ingredients were then placed in a wok and stirred vigorously for quite a long time… over a hot fire. This is where most of the family’s cooking would be done.


After all the ingredients have been roasted…..they are placed in a large mortar. You can see Bu Arfa is getting ready to pound away!


Note the colour of the beans…..


There was definitely an art to the pounding. We all had a go and beans were jumping out left,  right and centre. We left it to the experts! The ground kopi was then sieved to make sure it was fine enough.  I was truly amazed because if you look closely at the the photo of the beans going into the mortar they look like they have been burnt to a crisp and yet when you look at the final product it is a rich chocolate brown Asyik! Amazing!


The white powder on ibu’s face is a beauty product( nearly everything has a whitening agent in it). She wasn’t expecting visitors!


Hanging out in the backyard afterwards…. the aroma of the kopi was redolent of/with ginger and cinammon. Enak sekali!!

7 thoughts on “Kopi manis..Pangkalan bun kalimantan cont”

  1. Thanks for posting about this amazing experience. Great to relive it and hopefully one day I will get the time to write up my post too. I should have asked Bu Arfa, because I thought the white paste the lady had on her face was a health mask. Next time I see someone with the mask I will check!

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