Radical weather … awesome clouds

Today has been one of the coldest days yet on the south coast of oz. Seriously when your breath clouds out of your mouth,  its cold. We have had hail off and on all day. An intense low has been right over the top of us.  Definately an inside by the fire day.
I did manage to take myself outside this afternoon and this is what I found….


Brrrrr heaps of hail cuddledmup next to my rainwater tanks


                                                                                    Hail heaped up in my stormwater drain……

and later across the road


Glorious cloudscapes….. clear and crisp and soaring!!


The best light ever….


And here they are in the distance


5 thoughts on “Radical weather … awesome clouds”

  1. we too are having unusually wet and cool weather here! Today is one of the few days I have had in Ubud which looks like we might see the sun! Hope so because my clothes have been drying for about 4 days now!!

  2. Today I head back to Negara for a couple of days. We are all waiting for the pemangku to arrive and then once he has finished my brother will take me to Batu Bulan to catch a Gilimanuk bus. Goodness only knows what time that will be! Just hope it isn’t dark!

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